About EPS

Seeing a need to help the pro se litigants with their legal paperwork, Easy Paralegal Services was founded to meet that need. With over 20 years of experience as a paralegal, the employees of Easy Paralegal Services are hand picked to provide the best in customer service.

Whatever your legal need is someone in this company can help meet that need. We do our best to put the client first in every aspect through their experience. Our documents are prepared quickly, accurately and court ready.

We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, we prepare your documents from a questionnaire you fill out. We have attorneys who are willing to take your case at any time you feel overwhelmed with the process.


Meet The Team

Joanna Glover – Owner/Paralegal

Joanna grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has 4 kids, 1 stepson, and 6 grandkids. She has been working in Law Firms and with Attorneys for the past 20 years and will obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from University of Central Oklahoma in May prior to her attending Law School. She has an extensive knowledge of the legal field and has a desire to help those people who want to help themselves through the legal jungle or those who can’t afford to hire an attorney. She began Easy Paralegal Services in 2008 when she realized there was a need to provide accurate paperwork for people who wanted to represent themselves in the courts. Since that time, the business has expanded out of Joanna’s living room of her house to an office building in Northwest Oklahoma City off of Northwest Expressway and which now provides many services such as mediation which is close to Joanna’s heart in an attempt to solve disputes without the long drawn out legal battle which ensues due to often senseless disputes. Joanna’s greatest desire is to make the world a better place by encouraging everyone she can encourage and with her love of the law, her desire is to better streamline the legal process for those people who desire to represent themselves in the courts.


Jim Glover – Chief Operations Officer

Jim Glover grew up in Birmingham, AL (Roll Tide Roll). Graduated from Samford University with a BS in Physics/math where he was on the Track team and Pi Kappa Alpha. While a Captain in the Air Force for ten years helped develop war plans for the Middle East and Project manager for various high priority Communications programs and received an MBA in business from Reenselear Polytechnic Institute. Served for ten years in the Food services industry as a manager and served on the new store opening team. Served in the Travel Services fuel industry for 13 years and served as a store manager, new opening store manager, and regional training manager. God has now called him to assist with EPS as COO/CFO/HR/Marketing and overall business manager.