Our Process


Our Process

When you call us at (405)470-0020 or set your appointment on the website we will listen to you and get all the information about your situation.  Your situation will be evaluated and we will e-mail or fax you a questionnaire with all the information necessary to prepare your documents or you can set your appointment on the website and receive the questionnaire directly.  You can also have the option to pay or wait until your appointment and pay at that time.  If there are any questions we will contact you directly to ensure when you arrive for your appointment all your documents will be ready for your review.  If you are not available to come to our offices for an appointment we can do it all over the phone and e-mail, fax, or mail all your completed paperwork to you.  We also provide step by step procedures helping you help yourself through the legal jungle and will be available to answer all your questions anywhere along the way.

If you have legal questions we have multiple attorneys on call who specialize in different legal areas and for a minimal fee will answer all your concerns.

If your legal concern requires you to have court representation we can still prepare all your paperwork and have one of our on-call attorneys represent you in the courtroom.  This will save you about 70% of the cost of dealing solely with an attorney and yield the same results.

If needed our certified licensed mediation services are available to resolve any conflicts between parties.  After mediation is concluded we will complete and prepare all necessary paperwork as stated above under “The Process”.

Filing with the court:
Filing Pro Se can be confusing.  We will assist you in walking through this process.  However, if you wish us to file for you and set up court dates we will happy to help you with this for a small additional fee.

Outside of Oklahoma County:
We frequently handle legal paperwork for people all over the State of Oklahoma.  We can deliver documents to you through e-mail, fax, mail or if needed drive directly to you for an additional fee.   We will answer questions along the way and help you feel more comfortable about the court system.
We are not attorneys and cannot answer your legal question, or represent you in court.  However, we do have attorneys available to answer all your legal questions and/or represent you in court.

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