Call us today to help you reach a solution to your dispute. Our prices are reasonable and we can also prepare any paperwork necessary to finalize any agreement you work out. We have used mediation to help settle many contested divorces. This helps to avoid high court costs and high attorney fees.

Our goal is to mediate difficult disputes which paralyze people to make rational decisions. Our approach to mediation is to help people see a solution amidst their dispute.

Mediation or as some call it, Dispute Resolution is described in the dictionary as “An attempt to bring about a peaceful settlement or compromise between disputants through the objective intervention of a neutral party.”

We specialize in empowering people to move past their difficulties and reach a conclusion that both parties are satisfied with. Conflict arises in many different situations and often times people need someone to step in and allow each person to voice their opinion to someone without bias who will direct each person to a workable solution. That is our goal.

In many different scenarios people need someone to listen to their argument without involving the courts or costly and often times lengthy litigation. That is why we are here, to keep the litigation to a minimum and allow parties to work out their differences. Mediation is the key to healthy relationship mending.

We also conduct mediation in elder issues, which include nursing home choice, what to do with the property, who will be in charge of the finances; divorce, which includes property and debt disputes, child custody and visitation; securities; employment disputes; legal disputes; medical disputes; health care; real estate; and public policy matters.

Joanna Glover, a paralegal who has worked in the legal field for 20 years is a court approved mediator who specializes in all areas of family law to include divorce, separation, probate, and any other family issues. She is able to manage complex, unique and sometimes irreconcilable issues.


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